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The Goals of Our Festival

The Goals of Our Festival

           Every year, thousands of festivals are organized around the world. Although their concepts and timings may be different, all of them have a common point of all festivals is people, humanity and peace.

            Festivals have had great importance in social cohesion, cultural integration and fostering trust among people. They play a big part in taking the heritage we possess, mixing it with science, culture, art and local values, and carrying it to the international scene.

            Festivals are a meeting point from people of different places. Bringing together different colors from various different nations, each year providing an environment where friendships are formed, bringing together arts and cultures, all of this is valuable and important to us.

            Festivals also bring change to our monotone lives flowing away in difficult living conditions. They bring our visitors the opportunity to experience different cultures and partake in unique activities. One of our main goals is to reach the world and bring together it’s people.

            When we say “Love to each other, peace for all” in our festival, we aim to serve world peace. By doing this, we hope to bring to life our Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Ataturk’s expression, “Peace at home, peace in the world”.

            We wish to present our folkloric values, culture and art of our nation to the world with this festival. We wish for the world to meet our Büyükçekmece, one of the most beautiful places in Istanbul with its sea, lakes, greenery, its modern side, its warm and welcoming people. We wish for the people of the world to meet on Mimar Sinan’s masterpiece, the Kanuni Suleiman Bridge, hand in hand.

            We want people in the celebrations to share in the goodness, to rejoice together, to sing together, and to feel themselves empowered by the emotional energy of the celebration. We want a society filled with culture, art, love, respect, and peace. This is why we are a festival city, and this is why we are a world city.