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Why This Festival?

Why This Festival?

When looked at from the angles of their subject matters, their fields of activity, variety, amount of participants, the audience they affect, the artisans participating, the availability of accommodations, quality of guides, qualities of their contestants and jury members, success of scheduling and planning, the suitability of the festival grounds and many other values, festivals are activities that require considerable skill. From these angles, the International Istanbul-Büyükçekmece Culture and Art Festival is at leading levels in nearly all of them. It was chosen the world’s best festival 8 times for this reason. That is why you should participate in this festival.

Of course, it is no coincidence that our festival, one which improves further every year, one which is open to innovation while also benefiting from its many years of experience, can claim such accomplishments. This success is a result of a tiring but fun process that requires huge efforts. This festival is an outcome of the respectable efforts put in by every single one of the people of Büyükçekmece, the municipality personnel, our sponsors, state institutions and organizations. That is why you should take part in this festival.

You will find here the worldview, traditional practices, rituals and lifestyles of various countries. Aside from the contests that are a part of the activities, all the various exhibits, concerts, musical performances, ballet performances and folk dances will leave you dizzy. Your world will be filled with color, and your horizons widened. That is why you should watch this festival.

As our festival has become a tradition with the many social functions it has taken over, there has actually been many experiences that some may not even have noticed. We should take these festivals as activities with historical significance. This is not just a musical showcase or an entertainment festival, this is, in its entirety, a Culture and Art festival.

As our festival is enriched by its mission, it also has an economic function. Transportation, accommodation, food & beverages, craft sales, souvenirs etc. give these art activities an economic dimension. The development of the cultural activities of these different social groups, the establishment of friendship and tolerance only becomes possible through the bringing together of these very different components. That is why you should preserve this festival.

With these feelings, we shout once more into the world, at mankind, and tell them: Everything for peace, for love, for friendship…