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Message From The Mayor

Welcome to our 25th International İstanbul Büyükçekmece Culture and Art Festival


We turned 25 years old this year. Yes, we have been bringing together different colors from all over the world for a quarter of a century. We open the way for new friendships and beauty. We build love, bring culture and art together.

We are proud to bring our Büyükçekmece together with Istanbul and Istanbul together with the world.

Festivals are important events which serve for world peace. We never forget the principle of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of our country, “Peace at home, peace in the world” and we shape our way of living in accordingly. As a necessity of world fraternity, we continue to display the beauty together with the people of the world. We bring our rich cultural heritage to the international platform by harmonizing it with science, culture, art and local values. As the descendants of Rumi and Yunus Emre, we want love to be expanded, shared and warm friendships to be formed. That is why we shout “Love to each other, peace for all” from our Büyükçekmece, where world culture and art hold hands.

I would like to sincerely thank all of you who are on this journey with us, our sponsors who have the most substantial share in helping the countries of the world recognize our culture and introduce their cultures to us, our public institutions and organizations, headmen, CIOFF, FIDAF, FIAP and ANELSANDER, my Büyükçekmece family, non-governmental organizations and their representatives, national and international jury members who closely follow our festival, and our young people who take part in the festival and work actively.

Stay with art, stay with love.

Dr. Hasan AKGÜN
Mayor of Büyükçekmece